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Speck PixelSkin for iPod Touch 5G Review: Part 2 of Mini-Series

1Those of you who read my last post know my son and I are writing a mini-series comparing four iPod Touch 5G cases made by Speck. Last week we reviewed Speck's Kangaskin with its built-in storage pouch on the back, and this week we're reviewing Speck's PixelSkin.

The PixelSkin for the 5th generation iPod Touch is a slender, rubbery case that helps keep your device hand and pocket friendly. The case comes in five colors, with our test sample being the color grape. Unlike the Kangaskin, the PixelSkin is tight to the device with no storage or extra free space. Around the screen bezel, there is a slight lip to offer some protection around the edges, especially if you flip the screen down on a table while home, during class or at meetings. The power and volume rockers are totally covered, where as the speakers have several pinhole-like openings. The rest of the ports and camera are cutout and free of any case material.

Our Pro List:

1- The case is very easy to get on and off

2- PixelSkin provides an excellent grip for the device

3- Very thin and tight

4- No headphone restrictions. We tried multiple headphone jacks we had and did not have any where the case material blocked physical operation.

Our Con List:

1-The case can collect dust and other pocket material very easy (but in a positive note seems to clean off very nicely)

2-The material strip above the lightning jack and below the home button is very thin and flimsy. This to us appears to be the weakest spot on the case. If you switch cases frequently, just be careful. If this area does fail, fear not, Speck does offer a 1 year warranty (They provided fast service based on past personal experience.)  A suggestion to Speck would be some way to build in additional reinforcement here.

3-The holes around the speakers are too small and affect music playback. The holes should be bigger. Music playback was louder (and better) when the case was removed.

It’s also important to note that if you like the look, feel or overall PixelSkin case, Speck offers PixelSkin variants for iPhone and iPad (check their site for specifics)

Specks and Features:

-Grips your iPod touch

-Lightweight, no-slip rubbery layer of pixel-perfect protection.

-Multiple Color Options.

Product Website:














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