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Speck iPad 3 Case Mini Review Series: FitFolio for iPad

This is the first mini review in this series of the new iPad 3 Speck Cases. If you are not familiar with my last post, Speck sent me several of their new cases for the iPad 3 (compatible with the iPad 2). I gave these away locally to other iPad users to see what they think about them. The first feedback I got was on the FitFolio. The below mini review is unedited. This user has an iPad 2.


“This was my first iPad cover. I was skeptical about the cover fitting the iPad along with fearing losing the ability to attach cords etc in the iPad outlets. I am a true believer! The cover attached easily and appears to be very secure. All cords and plugs have attached easily and are functional!

My iPad is white and has already showed evidence of wear and tear from the handling of the cover-free iPad. I wish I had discovered this *speck cover from day #1. The catholic school uniform plaid cover will hide fingerprints and should be stain-free! It provides a snug fit and takes away the worry of an oops with food and drink. Wiping it clean from spills should be a piece of cake!

One downside is that there is a crease of material on the backside along with a bubble or two of the plastic/fabric coating. All seams

appear to be tight. The plastic closure also snaps into place nicely.”




Specks and features:

◦Fits iPad (3rd gen)

◦Slim-and-sleek cover.

◦Instant On/Off. Open FitFolio and—voila!—your iPad wakes up. Close it, and your iPad goes to sleep.

◦Smooth-snap clasp. When you’re on the go, closing the FitFolio is a snap.

◦Fit-right cradle. The form-fitting cradle secures your iPad, when you're in hyperspace—shopping on Amazon or reading your Flipboard—and when you have to move around in the real world.

◦Quadruple-angle stand. Reading? Writing? Re-watching that funny YouTube video? With four viewing angles, you'll get the one that's right for you.


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