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Speck iPad 3 Case Mini Review Series Conclusion

Here are the final two quick reviews from users who I provided some new cases to thanks to Speck from this past summer. These are unedited. Note that one of them only has a pros and cons from the user. You can find additional info on the product with the web links I have included below. I hope you have find these mini reviews useful.


#1)  Speck Handyshell for iPad 2 and 3

“I have recently tried an iPad holder for a young man with many disabilities. He does have a large iPad holder that is screwed onto his wheelchair. It is very big and time consuming to put on. The iPad holder that I am using is small, easy to give him. It does not fall over when he pushes on it. And the stand stays attached to the iPad. Thank you for letting us try it. It is great.”




-Nice Stand-able to use iPad horizontal and vertical

-Volume button and power button protected

-Able to hang or hold in one hand to use-good for commuters



-No front cover- screen could be damaged during transport or if dropped

-No sleep feature”


Product Website:







#2) Speck Magfolio


-Light weight and colorful

-Cover over volume control-can be a weak spot on the iPad if the iPad was dropped (unprotected)

-Stands up nicely

-easy set up

-Cover over power button

-Magnetic Closure

-Can stand up and view screen on different angles



-Have to attach middle part to fold up

-Have to detach to allow it to stand

-Front cover could be more substantial if dropped

-Awkward when using it not standing up and just holding it.”


Product Website





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