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Review: Newertechnology NuGuard Silicone Case for iPad


This case is made of soft silicone and goes on the iPad fairly easily.  The back has two ergonomically designed grooves. It feels pretty good in the hand and does offer some scratch protection.  But in my opinion, this is where the good things stop. There are two things that I think this case failed me.  Now maybe this is just an issue of the review sample, but here we go.


The first problem is that the cutout for the volume button is messed up and is partially covered. All the other buttons and cut outs seem okay. I have been trying to figure out if the seam was not in the correct molded place and/or if there was not enough material. I tried to work it around and was not successful.

The second issue I have is that the front piece that is supposed to sit flat against and around the screen is not flush. Some of the sides face upward. This leaves more of a gap than I would want to have, that would allow all kinds of dust and dirt underneath.


I was using this case while I was using the camera connection kit. I did have to peel the bottom away to use the kit as there was just a bit more material than the kit could handle to get a connection. This one is not a real big deal, as its silicone and can easily by moved, but I thought it was a worthy mention.

Product Page:


The case does come in multiple color choices.





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