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Review: Innopocket Transformer Case for iPad


This is an interesting case by Innopocket which fits the original iPad. It’s called The Transformer. This case is a full front, side and back protector which is made of clear polycarbonate. I like it because it allows you to show off and see the iPad design in full, and still keep it protected.

When you receive the case, it is protected with a plastic sheet on it. Just peel it off, slip the iPad in, and you are ready to go.

This case is also designed for both right and handed people. You can flip the iPad around depending on if you are right or left handed. There are cutouts to accommodate this. I think this feature is a plus.

When in use, it also allows the iPad to sit flat. The clear cover opens like a book and then twists around so it can be folded on the back. There are two little side clips that secure the sides together. These little clips also act as anti slip pads when you are using the Transformer in a display mode.


When the cover is twisted and folded behind the iPad, it does provide a bit of a slant for typing. You can also configure the cover to act as a stand. Please refer to the pictures in this review.


When I received the case, the plastic was crystal clear. Since I have been using it, I do have some scratches on it, which I am not really sure how that happened. One of the purposes of a case is to take the scratches, bumps etc. It will all depend on individual use as how many scratches you may get, if any at all. While I do have some scratches, I still like the fact that I can see the iPad design. This is also a very unique case, as I have never seen another iPad case like this. I think it’s a pretty cool looking and functioning case.


-Shield for protecting, Stand for viewing, Stage for typing

-Contemporary book style case without the bulky hinge.

-Constructed from crystal clear polycarbonate with non-slip rubber grips on the swivel

-Patented swivel hinge design allows you to quickly optimize viewing angles with the only hard case to offer multi viewing angles.

-Easily Transform your case into a work station by folding the lid back for low level typing solution.

-Provides full protection for iPads incredible glass display and aluminum body wrapped in high quality durable polycarbonate.

-Dock Connector, Volume rockers, Power switches and the speaker carefully crafted for full accessibility







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