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Review: Coloud Captain America Headphones

Do You like Captain America? Do you like listening to Music? Then I got something to show you. Coloud has a pair of Marvel Captain America headphones that work pretty well. These headphones have some cool marvel artwork on them and are adjustable, so they should fit most heads. These are basic headphones so they will not have a microphone or remote, but they sound pretty good. They are comfortable and fit very well on my ears. Their build seems pretty solid. Nothing has broken on me yet.

I found a video on boxing on YouTube for these headphones that someone made.

(Note: This video was not made me and I have no affiliation with the creator).

I don’t think these are new. I think they were re-released or re-marketed because of Comic Con and the Captain America Movie.  But if you are looking for fun, affordable, and descent sounding headphones, these might be right up your alley. I have enjoyed using them so far myself.

I have placed all my photos in the gallery at the end of the review.

Specs and Features:

-Frequency Range:20 Hz~20001 Hz,

-Impedance:32 ohms,

-1KHz Sensitivity:120 dB,

-Max Input Powerspan:100 mW,

-Plug:3.5 mm,

-Coil Cord:1.2 m,

-Size: one size fits all,

-Premium replacement warranty:1 year

(Note: The Coloud website does not list any specs. The above data was taken from the product page at amazon.com).


Product Website:





Note: You can save yourself some cash and get them at a lower price directly from Amazon.com.




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