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Review: Arkon MyHandstand™ iPad Hand Holder

Arkon has just released their MyHandstand iPad Hand Holder. This comes in both the original iPad and iPad 2 flavors. I had the opportunity to try the version for the iPad 1 out.

Essentially, there is an adjustable hand strap with a swivel attached on the back of a flexible TPU case. The iPad installs pretty easily and is held securely in place. But it’s also very easy to remove it. That’s important because this may not be a case you would use as your every day case. While it’s possible it could be depending on your needs, this is not a case I would use every day 100% of the time. However, I do have a specialized use for it, where this product has worked well. I am currently taking an online study course in preparation for one of my industry’s certifications. I have been using this each day as I go through and read the materials with the iPad. It works great when I plop myself on the couch. It's very comfortable and it makes the experience with the iPad a little easier for me.

While it has worked great for studying there are only two issues I personally have with it.

  1. The cutout in the 30 pin area does not accommodate the Apple Camera connection kit.
  2. I found it difficult to use the volume rocker. That is covered by the TPU case.

Arkon also lists some specialty uses where this setup could be used:

-Field Technicians and Service Representatives

-Medical Staff

-Restaurant Hostesses



-Everyday use by anyone for security and comfort

If you have a need for a setup like this, check them out at the link below.

Specs and Features:

-Adjustable, elastic hand strap with soft, rubber cushion

-Flexible TPU case protects your iPad

-Dual T slots for mounting on any Arkon Dual T iPad mount.

-Allows 360° rotation for positioning in portrait or landscape mode, giving the best viewing angle


Product Website:





iPad 1

MHIP100: $39.95

iPad 2

MHIP200: $39.95 

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