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Quick Look: White & Yellow Pages

There was a recent press release on an app called “White & Yellow Pages” by Avantar LLC. This app works on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch (I installed it on my touch and iPad). The title is pretty self explanatory. I downloaded it today and I think this is going to come in handy. It has some great features which I will list below from the press release along with some links as well. I was impressed that when I located a business name, it pulled up the information and then proceeded to give me options for mapping, going to their web page, directions, and calling them. It looks great on the iPad.
If you have not done so already, check it out. You have nothing to lose because it’s Free.
“Feature Highlights from the press release:
* Beautiful Apple-like navigation interface
* White & Yellow Pages 1.0 enables interactive look-up using the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
* GPS-enabled search results can supply referenced starting point
* Search results displayed by proximity with exact distance
* The website and business description when available from the advertiser
* Mosaic of shortcuts for the most commonly used search terms
* Quick business look-up using icon grid or list
* GPS updates progress during travel to destination
* Customizable advertising available in search results
* Single tap to call
* Add listing to contacts
* History tracker
* Save favorite listings
* Driving directions”
Avantar website: www.Avantar.us
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