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Powis iCase2: Available for Pre-Order for iPad2


Back in January and November, I reviewed a couple of the Powis iCases for the iPad. I will throw the links at the end. The Folks over at Powis sent me a note today saying that the version for the ipad is available for pre-order, and will ship May 27th.

Not only does it have the same qualities as the first one, they say they have enhanced it even more.

-Thinner case; offering the same protection

-Sleep/wake modes.  Close the case and the iPad 2 goes to sleep.  Open it, and the iPad 2 immediately wakes up!  Powis iCase keeps your iPad ready to go wherever you are.

-Simpler Snap-in case.  Powis iCase offers a one-tab snap-in frame to hold your iPad securely in place.  Simply push down on the left tab to easily pop out your iPad.

-Special cutouts expose the iPad camera so it can be used without removing your iPad from your case. 

-An upgraded Premium Book Cloth material which replaces the laminate style material offering"


This is another case I wish I had an iPad 2 to play with.

Powis Site:


Review Link for original:






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