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iPod Touch 4: Me Want One!

Well, it’s official. I want one. I am still on the 2ndGen version so I am looking forward to an upgrade. I wish it had the same form factor as the current iPhone but I guess we can’t have everything. One of the features I am looking forward to is the HD Video Recorder. I do not have a video camera currently but I sure could find some uses for that, especially since you can upload it to YouTube from the device. I am also happy that it takes stills, although I keep reading about people complaining in the different forums that it’s not a real camera because of the megapixels. I just want it to take a picture here and there. If I wanted higher quality pictures, then I would go out and get a professional camera. Who knows, maybe this is an area that will fail, but I can’t imagine Apple making a great device and letting us down with the still camera?

I am also looking forward to taking full advantage of the 4.# specs, as the 2G has a stripped down version (I did update the OS BTW). I can’t say that I will not use Facetime, but honestly I have no interest in it, at all, right now anyway.

Now, the challenge is when can I get it and how will I pay for it. I am vowing not to use a credit card. My Birthday is this month so I told my wife that if anyone was dead set on getting me a gift, that I wanted an Apple Store gift card. I figure I will scrape my pennies together after that. So I guess if I can’t buy it until the Holidays, then so be it.

I have to go count my pennies now!

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