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Introducing the iPod Touch Newbie...

Hello, this is my first blog post here and I wanted to introduce myself. You can also find a little more specifics about me in my bio link. I have been a windows mobile user since 2001 with the HP Jornada pocket pc. After that I used the Dell Axim X5 series and the Ipaq 210 as of last year. Frankly, I just got tired of the same old windows mobile experience and I wanted to get rid of that dang stylus. I decided to get the iPod Touch last fall after doing some research on it to make sure it could do what my PDA could do. You see, I bought it for the purpose of the apps. The music and movies were just an excellent bonus for me. It’s not the perfect device (I don’t think there is one) but it’s pretty close when it comes to what “I” wanted. As I have read through various forums over the past months, I have noticed other “old schoolers” as myself who don’t want a Smartphone but want to get an up to date PDA or replace an old model they may have. I have also read various posts in the past that the iPod Touch can or cannot be a PDA. I bought it because I am one that begged to differ and not only think it can be a PDA, but can be a great PDA. In the posts that will follow, I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences about this device, apps and accessories. And also learning myself on what else I can get this little unit to do. See ya around.

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Louis Senecal has been a mobile enthusiast since 2001 with the release of the HP Jornada Series Pocket PC. He reviews products for BostonPocketPC.com. He uses mobile tech to make his life more organized and entertaining. In addition to being a dad and a husband, Louis has a career in the Loss Prevention industry. He has been a volunteer firefighter for more than a decade and supports his community in various volunteer capacities.