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iLium’s ListPro! It’s Free

Many of you have either used ILium’s ListPro on another software platform or are at least aware of it. Today, iLium released ListPro for the iPod Touch and iPhone. It does require iOS 4.0 or later. But the cool part is that it’s free. I downloaded it earlier today and replaced my existing list software with this. I have never used ListPro before but I am a faithful eWallet customer (for years), and I know and like the quality that goes into that. Just from a short time playing around with ListPro, it has sections for To Do’s, Checklists, Grocery Lists and Custom Lists.  It does support desktop synchronization, but you do need to pay for that if you do not already own it. 

You can find additional information on Ilium’s Blog:


Here’s the iTunes Link:


Here are a few quick screenshots I took today. You really need to download this to give it a shot and see for yourself.


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