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Help Kioky Achieve it's Fundraising Goal at KickStarter.com and Score yourself.


If you have not heard of Kioky before, they are a new screen protector company that has created a revolutionary way to install screenguards. Their product not only includes the screenshield itself, but also their own applicator, which promises to make installation misalignment and stress free. You can check out their site at www.kioky.com


Kioky does need your help though.

"Kioky is on Kickstarter.com until 3:51p on Feb 6th (Superbowl Sunday) people can donate $15 and get a kioky for free. We also know if you choose to help us out of the kindness of your heart we will reach our goal of $15,000 "."


Here is the direct link


If you are not sure what kickstarter is, check out the FAQ at the top of the page on the link.


Value wise, you are not only helping out the Fundrasing goal, but you will also be saving $10.00 on their kit.



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