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With the launch of the new iPad (aka iPad 3), comes more cool cases and accessories. Speck (maker of my favorite Candyshell case) just came out with a full line of new iPad 3 (compatible with iPad 2) cases. Below are pictures of them with links to their product pages. Thanks to Speck, I got to send most of these cases into my local wild where other iPad users will be using them. In the coming weeks, I will share some of the mini reviews by these people that used these cases. It should be interesting to get their thoughts on these because they are your every day iPad user.

If anyone has any of these cases, feel free to comment below on your experiences with them.


PixelSkin HD Wrap for iPad



MagFolio for iPad



MagFolio Lounge for iPad



FitFolio for iPad



WanderFolio for iPad



HandyShell for iPad



MagFolio Luxe for iPad




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