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The Eagle has Landed!

Well, I did it. I took advantage of the iPad and went digital finally for my daily newspaper. I did not do it sooner as I had a subcription I had paid for. In my mind this is saving landfill/trees (I do recyle though) and also saving me some cash. I was paying $180 a year for it. Now I am paying $39.00 for it, which also includes the hard copy Sunday paper which is delivered to me.

Our Local newspaper is called The Berkshire Eagle. I am constantly finding errors in their writing and grammar and sometimes their stories that continue in another section disappear. Like some newspapers, they also cloud their judgement on what is called unbiased news or what their definition of news is. But ultimately, it's really the only major LOCAL newpaper here. I like to look at the local news, obituaries, and weddings the most. The best part is I can read it when on vacation and I am not limited to what devices I can log in to read it.

So, we will give it a shot for a while and see what happens.


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Louis Senecal has been a mobile enthusiast since 2001 with the release of the HP Jornada Series Pocket PC. He reviews products for BostonPocketPC.com. He uses mobile tech to make his life more organized and entertaining. In addition to being a dad and a husband, Louis has a career in the Loss Prevention industry. He has been a volunteer firefighter for more than a decade and supports his community in various volunteer capacities.