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BlackFriday and Thanksgiving Weekend Deals

FYI, Here are a few BlackFriday and Thanksgiving sales you may be interested in.  If I see anymore, I will update this posting. If you know of any great deals that could save us some bucks on our tech, let us know either in the reply below or on our Facebook page.



Up to 60% off and free shipping. (I picked up an iPod Touch accessory at a great price for a Christmas gift for my son)

Free apps from Once Upon A Time (Friday Only)





20% off Thursday to Monday




If you are in the market for ZaggSmartbuds, they will throw in a $25.00 gift card. (11/25-11/28)

EDIT/Addition: ON Cyber Monday, 11/29, they are having a 50% off site wide sale. There are a few restrictions/disocunts not as high as 50% though.




They are having some sort of sale on BlackFriday but I do not have any specifics.




30% off, BlackFriday



11/26/10, Blackfriday Only (US and Canada orders only)

20% off, code: BLACKFRIDAY20




Save up to $20 on the TomTom Navigation iphone software. From what I can tell, it looks like it applies to maps relating to the US (and Canada). Please see the download in the itunes store. It will tell you if it is a CyberMonday price, which appears to be in effect on the maps I looked at.


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