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Are you a Contract Killer?

Here is a free game that I thought I would share with you. Well, its free to an extent. In this game, you are basically a hired hitman. It's a universal app. I'm playing it on my iPad. If you have ever played Mafia wars on Facebook, then this is a similar concept. It's a first person shooter which is cool. The part that I similar to Mafia Wars is that you have different levels you go through, different targets to take care of, as well as a store where you can buy guns, ammo, energy, etc. Some of the stuff you can buy with the points you win. The other stuff are through in app purchases. There is more action but as far as I am concerned, the general concept is like Mafia Wars.

There are some annoying push notifications that come through. There may be a setting to stop this but I am not sure on that.

I enjoy playing here and there so far.  The locations you are sent to are very repetitious. I have no intention of actually spending money on this game, and to be honest, I'm not sure how long it will stay on my device. But for now, its free and I am giving it a shot.

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