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Soonr -- cloud service for small businesses now offers iPad integration

Soonr announced today the first cloud service with integrated editing for the iPad via their Soonr - Workplace app (free). Of course, there are other options, such as using an app such as Office2 to directly edit Microsoft Office documents stored in Dropbox. But Soonr goes much further. You can store, share, access, and sync files, as well as edit Microsoft Office files both online and offline from within the Soonr app. Soonr offers collaboration tools such that you can share documents among users and control who can make changes to which documents. Version control lets you access previous versions of a document. And you can receive notifications via SMS. Other features include searching across computers, viewing a wide range of file types, printing to a shared printer, faxing via eFax, and continuous backup. Soonr offers a free 2GB trial account, with their paid service beginning at $7.95 per month for three users.

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