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Seego.com — new directory of iPhone-optimized websites

Apps are all the rage, and I almost never use Safari when going online. But with the arrival of Seego.com, I will likely be using Safari more. Seego is a directory of 2,200 websites that have been optimized for the iPhone. Unlike regular sites, which take a long time to load, which don't always work in the iPhone's Safari, and which typically entail a lot of pinching, zooming, and scrolling, websites that have been optimized are typically fast and perfectly tailored to the smaller screen of the iPhone. Simply point Safari at seego.com. You can also view the site via your desktop computer at http://m.seego.com. The directory has 16 categories, including News, Sports, Videos, Images, Music, Movies, Television, and more. Click on a category, and Seego gives you the top 12-15 sites in the initial screen. Clicking on a link at the bottom brings up a list of subcategories for that particular category. It's well organized. Plus, you can search the directory. A search function searches the descriptions of all the sites in the directory.

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