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Apple Black Friday Discounts in Australia Give Preview: Gift Cards But No Discounts

If Australia's Black Friday offerings from Apple are any indication, and most people are assuming they are, then it looks like tomorrow Apple will be offering a $70 gift card on the purchase of an iPad Air. But you'll be paying the regular price. Apparently there won't be any gift cards for the iPhone or the iPad mini with retina display, but there will be gift cards for the first-generation mini and the iPad 2 (probably about $45). So it looks like you'll get a better deal at the big-box retailers such as Target and WalMart. Target's price of $379 for the iPad Air (after a $20 discount and $100 gift card) looks like the best price so far. Wal-Mart will reportedly match any other Black Friday sale price. See my previous post for more information on Black Friday deals. 

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