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Apple Adds Flyover Support in Maps for 15 Additional Cities

Apple has been hard at work improving its Maps app, and people are noticing. The company hired more engineers to work on the app, and yesterday The Loop reported that Apple is frequently and significantly updating Maps. In recent months it's updated Flyover, which offers a 3D view of a city's buildings. The feature is meant to compete with Google Street View.

Apple has added Flyover support for the following cities:

• Baltimore, Md.
• Providence, R.I.
• Portland, Maine
• Cleveland, Ohio
• Green Bay, Wis.
• Minneapolis, Minn.
• Albany, N.Y.
• Indianapolis, Ind.
• Cologne, Germany
• Glasgow, Scotland
• Buffalo, N.Y.
• Vancouver, BC
• Tulsa, Okla.
• Hoover Dam, Nev.
• Modesto, Calif.
• Stockton, Calif.

Flyover coverage has been expanded in the following cities:

• Portland, Ore.
• Boston, Mass.
• Houston, Texas
• Stockholm, Sweden
• Munich, Germany
• London, England
• Madrid, Spain
• Rome, Italy
• Copenhagen, Denmark
• Berlin, Germany
• Lyon, France
• Birmingham, Ala.
• Toronto, ON
• Barcelona, Spain

And Maps has updated 3D buildings for standard view and turn-by-turn navigation for:

• Barcelona, Spain
• Berlin, Germany
• Birmingham, England
• Cologne, Germany
• Copenhagen, Denmark
• Dublin, Ireland
• London, England
• Lyon, France
• Manchester, England
• Milan, Italy
• Munich, Germany
• Rome, Italy

Apple also has been working on improving satellite imagery and adding more information about businesses, movie theaters, restaurants, airports, and transit stops. 

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