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Just left CES

Take with my iPhone!!  The Vegas Strip.........

I just left Vegas & CES. Heading back to the husband and other three kids.

I have so many press kits to go through - press kits now come on jump drives. BTW, that's the only thing the iPhone doesn't have - a USB port (Steve Jobs, that's a hint .... Please, please, please add a USB port to the next iPhone - then I could upload pictures from my "external" camera without a laptop!!!!)

I found awesome cases, headphones, skins and other cool accessories. I will post more info with pictures this weekend.

I attended some of the "Mommy Tech" conferences. There are great things on the horizon. The iPhone is much more powerful than I could have possibly imagined. The future uses and applications are seriously mind boggling. I mean, right now I can control a web cam in Hawaii or Japan on my iPhone. I saw products that will allow you to close your garage door or turn a light on in your home - from anywhere in the world - with your iPhone. Who could have imagined this 10, 20, 50 or 100 years ago?

My first cell phone 16 years ago came in a case the size of a Triscuit box - and cost about $5 minute.

I'm rambling, I know, but the future is here.....and it is SWEET!!

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