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Black Friday & Holiday Shopping Survival Tips with the iPhone

Black Friday is coming. 

Use these iPhone tips to have the edge on all the other shoppers. 


Before you shop

Step 1: Download these apps:
  • Fart for Free – to clear an area of ruthless shoppers (Free)
  • Mall Maps App – To get a layout of the Mall ($2.99)
  • Sit or Squat – Find the closest bathroom (Free)
  • Type N Walk – So you can see where you are going while sending texts ($0.99)
  • Best Buy, Target, Kohls, JC Penney, etc. Apps – See what’s on sale (Free)
  • Mgifts – Shopping lists and budgeting ($0.99)

Step 2: Set up the Mgifts - Gift List Manager App with your shopping lists.


At the Stores

Step 3: Take a Photo of Parking Spot - so you can find where you parked after the melee.
Step 4:  Put your headphones on to:
  • Drown out the screams of the other shoppers
  • Be able to hear your phone ring or texts come in
  • Answer calls on the fly and keep hands free for grabbing the goods
Step 5:  Take pictures of your purchase while waiting in line through your Mgift App and check it off your list.
Step 6:  Refer to picture of where you parked and find your car.
Step 7:  Drive to next store (refer to your map app, if needed).
Step 8:  Start again at #3.



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