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Interview With the Developers of Slync, the New App That Tracks Shopping Trends

Are you curious about what your trendy neighbors are buying and where they're buying it? I recently interviewed Peter Babiy and Surge Stefoglo, two of the founders of a new app called Slync. The app allows you to discover what others around you are purchasing. Users post a picture, the price, and the location of the item purchased. Whether it's your daily coffee, a new pair of sneakers, or a new iPad, Slync helps you find it near you. 

In this interview we discuss:

  • Where the idea came from
  • How they validated the idea by asking strangers at the mall
  • The challenges of building a mobile app and overcoming thoughts of "giving up"
  • Advice for anyone looking to build a mobile app
  • Their vision for the future of Slync

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