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We Have a Winner! Announcing the Results of Our Pay Your iPhone Bill Giveaway

A big thank you to everyone who entered our Pay Your iPhone Bill Giveaway! We are super excited because the grand prize winner is one of our print subscribers. We appreciate our readers so much and it feels great to be able to give back! 


And the winner of the Pay Your iPhone Bill Giveaway is...

Roger M.!


Roger first discovered iPhone Life magazine at Barnes and Noble. Since he is legally blind, his favorite iPhone feature is the accessibility settings that allow him to expand the phone's text.

Congratulations! Enjoy your winnings.


And don't worry if you didn't win  this time; we'll be having more giveaways soon!

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Sarah Kingsbury is the web editor of iPhone Life magazine. She has written for savvyvegetarian.com and worked as the associate editor of the Iowa Source for many years.