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CES Jan. 9 Highlights

The bloggers of iPhoneLife.com have been valiantly sorting through the wild and crazy tech abundance at CES and reporting back with reviews of some of the most intriguing and exciting things they've found. Here's what stood out on January 9:

An iPhone case to light up your life

What's a blogger to do when he's feeling overwhelmed by the crazy riches of CES? Take a gaming break, of course! 

Now they're just showing off. Yet another way to broadcast sound via Bluetooth

The iRing is a thing after all! Here's what it does.

How much does Siva Om love the new Otterbox and Lifeproof cases? Let him count the ways

Nate Adcock encountered a screen protector so awesome it melted his face. Find out why.

The only thing that could make iOS gaming even cooler is the right controller


Other CES News:

The iPhone Life Best of CES 2014 Awards will be announced soon in the magazine and even sooner online. In the meantime check out Variety's Breakthrough of the Year Awards and iLounge's Best of Show Awards

So many of the products being showcased at CES 2014 seem almost like science fiction they're so out there and advanced. Mashable has a fun roundup of 10 vintage tech products that seemed amazingly cutting edge when they debuted at CES back in the day.

Did you miss something? The CES website has posted videos of all the CES Keynotes in one place for your viewing pleasure.


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