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Thinksound's ts01 Earbuds Have Sporty Design

Thinksound's ts01 Sport earbuds ($70.66 on Amazon) look and sound great.

The real wood housing on the earbuds enhances the sound quality by delivering a rich natural sound. The 10mm dynamic drivers offer plenty of bass.

The ts01's comes with "active lifestyle" ear hooks, a clip to attach the headphone cable to your shirt or jacket, an attractive cotton carrying pouch, and four sizes of silicone eartips. I found the eartips to be very comfortable. The ear hooks, made out of rubber, sat nicely around my ears and held the earbuds securely in place while I biked a trail near my house.

Another bonus is that thinksound uses environmentally friendly packaging and design. The wood used for the earbuds is from renewable sources, so is the bleach-free cotton carrying pouch. The cable is PVC-free.

The ts01's are available in a Silver Cherry or Black Chocolate finish.

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