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5 Great Apps for Shopaholics

Whether you’re a fashion fanatic who has to have the latest trends, or someone who organises their groceries with military precision, if you’re mad about shopping, there’s an iPhone app to help you out. From apps that send pictures of outfits to friends and family, to apps that provide you with coupons and sale alerts, there’s are many tools to help you shop more effectively using your iPhone.


Snapette (free)

Ideal for anyone who takes fashion and style to extremes, the Snapette app partners with over 200 of the top brands and retailers worldwide to deliver the latest products, deals, sales, and shopping events straight to your iPhone. Join the community and see photographs of top fashion finds from world famous shopping destinations, and then find it in the store nearest to you; or take advantage of the instant alerts which tell you when a nearby store has a sale on.


Good Guide (free)

Whether you’re buying food or clothing, it’s always good to be aware of the impact your purchases have on the environment, and the Good Guide app tells you just that. The app has health, social, and environmental performance analyses of most major brands, so you can find information on over 170,000 products, from cleaning products to food. Choose which issues you care about most, be it human rights or climate change, and then tailor your search to find the most ethically and environmentally friendly goods.


Amazon (free)

If you’re a regular Amazon shopper, then it makes sense to download the iPhone app which delivers all of the Amazon benefits with the convenience of a mobile app. Sign in with your regular details, pay quickly and conveniently, track orders and shop in the exact same way as you would do from a computer. Alternatively, use the handy barcode scanner to compare prices and check availability, grabbing the best deal for whatever you’re buying whilst on the go.


RetailMeNot Coupons (free)

When money is tight, every penny counts, which is why the superb RetailMeNot Coupons app definitely deserves a place on your iPhone. With thousands of coupons and money-saving codes for use both in store and online, you can easily search for specifics, or browse through the daily hot deals, before simply showing your iPhone at the checkoutno printing out coupons or fumbling in your pocket for paper. Saving at your favorite local shops is also easysimply turn on the alerts, and the latest deals will be sent to your iPhone.


eBay (free)

eBay, everyone’s favorite pre-loved and vintage online destination, is the place to head if you want to find anything at a low price. From designer fashion to vintage clothing, baby equipment to garden sheds, it has almost anything you could ever need. With the handy app, you can browse, watch, bid, and purchase from the convenience of your iPhone, while the barcode scanner makes it easy to find whatever you’re looking for. List items for sale in minutes, have alerts sent to your phone, and save your most popular searchesthe eBay app makes second-hand buying and selling a breeze.

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