iPhoneography Workflow: Step-by-Step Photo Editing

Welcome to my latest workflow, which will cover step-by-step photo editing with my photo "Don't Forget about Me." This week I used Pro Camera ($4.99) instead of my usual shooting app, Camera+ ($1.99).

The other day my wife Kristen and I decided to take the kids to the park. While the kids were playing, we took a little walk. There were many beautiful sights to see in the park, but it was this little dandelion that really caught my eye. A simple little weed whose beauty is often overlooked.

I started off shooting in Pro Camera. I had to get quite low to take the shot. I tapped the screen to bring up the Focus on the app, and placed it on the dandelion. I took a few photos from this point of view and also from some different angles. Always take a few photos of the same points of view to make sure you have your shot, in case one is flawed. After going through all my shots, I chose the best one.

Next, I brought my fresh photo into go-to editing app Adobe Photoshop Express (free). I use this app to Reduce Noise (smooth out any fuzziness) and to Sharpen (which gives you a crisp, professional-looking photo). I also cropped my image here just a bit.

After that I used Mextures ($1.99). This is a very easy to use app with many wonderful filters. I went to the Enhanced Landscape option and used the Spring Time filter and adjusted it to about 40%.

Next I used Lens Flare ($1.99) to adjust the glare. This app has wonderful sun flares and glints for your images. I used Edge Glare 2 and placed the glare in the corner so it would shine on my subject. I adjusted the lighting to about 75%.

Finally I brought the image into iWatermark (free), where I placed my name on my image to show ownership.

I hope that the tips, tricks, and apps are helpful for you to use on your next iphone photos.

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