Top 10 Remote Control iPhone Apps to Wirelessly Manage Your PC or Mac

New apps make our iPhones more multifunctional each day. You can turn your device into a flashlight, heart rate monitor, diet tracker, and much, much more. Among these are a multitude of apps that turn your iPhone into a remote control for your PC or Mac, letting you manage your life wirelessly, right from your iPhone.

Below is a list of popular apps that give you power over your Mac or PC.

1) Remote (free)


The Remote app by Apple allows you to manage iTunes on your computer with your iPhone. Remote is easy to install and will allow you to open the whole iTunes directory from your iPhone. What’s more, it also lets you in creating playlists and modifying collections.

2) Remote HD ($7.99)

RemoteHD is known as the top feature-packed remote for your PC. It enables you to watch a live flaunt on your computer, torrent audio, and take control of the apps on your PC. This app doesn’t have Game Center. 

3) WiFi Remote (free)


Wi-Fi Remote lets you control your PC even if you’re further than 45 meters from your house. This app is a preloaded remote control for PowerPoint, Winamp, iTunes, and Windows Media Player. You can browse the Playlists and choose songs as well as view artist and song information. In order to get this app, your iPhone must have Java MIDP 2.0 profile and Wi-Fi, or your computer must have Wi-Fi connectivity.

4) Hipporemote Lite (free)


This is one of the most popular remote control apps for PC and Macs. Aside from being free, Hippo Remote has a superb track pad, keyboard, and some advanced features such as one-touch emerge, auto-app moving, login account saving, and more.

5) Off Remote (free)


Off Remote is a great solution for parents who want to manage their children's computer use. It lets you log off, lock, restart, hibernate, or turn off your PC or Mac from wherever you are.

6) iShutdown ($1.99)


This app has simlar functionality to Off Remote. It runs very fast, connects multiple computers, as well as hibernates your PC, but costs $1.99.

7) TeamViewer (free)


This iPhone app is free to use and has an incredible VNC client.  TeamViewer also has a server-side system that can be installed on PC and MAC. Once you have installed or downloaded it, you need to connect your iPhone to the computer to get full control of it. It is useful not only for businesses but also for personal use.

8) Mocha VNC ($5.99)

mocha     mocha

This app is very similar to TeamViewer. If you're using Mocha VNC , it will directly reduce your computer use. It has a clean and crisp interface, and assimilates the keyboard into a keypad within the app. While Mocha VNC costs $5.99 with its advanced features, you can try the lite version for free.

9) VNC Viewer by Real VNC ($9.99)

vnc2     vnc

VNC Viewer is known as the mother of all VNC applications, and is a very elegant and powerful app. The simple client allows you tp manage several apps running on your PC and Mac. 

10) Rowmote ($0.99)


This app version is an easy-to-use remote control for your PC or Mac. It allows you to view dock applications very easily and quickly. In addition, Rowmote can also control AppleTV.

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