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Your iPhone As Your Hotel Key: Hilton Hotels' Newest Hospitality Initiative

Photo Credit: Hilton Worldwide

The hospitality world felt the tremors of change take place a couple
of weeks ago with the news that the Hilton company has begun to
implement new technology that will enable anyone with an iPhone
to totally bypass front desk services entirely to check into their
hotel room. The hotel chain recently disclosed a few details about
this plan in preliminary coverage by the Wall Street Journal. The
new plan will eventually be the norm in all 4,200 of the chain's
properties worldwide.

Hilton Worldwide isn't the first to seize upon using smartphones
in this manner. The Starwood chain began to introduce this tech
in two of their Aloft hotels, one in Manhattan, New York and
appropriately enough, one in Cupertino, California earlier this
year. The process utilizes Bluetooth to first recieve a key code
from the hotel upon making a reservation. The hotel guest then
arrives on scene, heads to the room, and gains entry either by
tapping the smartphone on a panel by the door or twisting the
phone in the air. Hilton, however, has made the biggest commitment
to this innovation to date, at an estimated cost of $550 million
dollars to install the locks in their properties so that all guests
can use it once 2016 rolls around. This will not just be exclusive
to iPhone users(the tech works on the 4s and up), Android 4.3
users will be able to take part as well. For those travelers who get
weary just at the thought of long lines at the front desk and
want things to be as smooth as hotel checkouts have now become
thanks to digital advances, it's a sigh of relief.

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