Tip of the Day: Flick Away Unwanted Notifications

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This was billed at WWDC as a part of a new suite of features for iOS 8, but in fact you can already flick away notifications in iOS 7 that are intruding on your activities.

Getting an unwanted notification when you are in the middle of a task can be incredibly annoying. My NBC News app has recently received the top spot for unwanted random messages, but I am sure something else will dethrone them soon enough. Instead of waiting for the intolerable notification to take its sweet time and disappear on its own you can impatiently flick the notification upward, feel a sense of vindictive satisfaction, and get back to your game of Angry Birds Star Wars.

angrybirds notification in ios7 screenshot

I find this feature most useful when I am in the middle of a task like navigating through Photos or Mail where my standard top left navigation options are obstructed by someone else's agenda. Arrrggh.

mail notification in ios7 screenshot tab


Top image credit: Loskutnikov/Shutterstock.com

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