iPhone Life Would Like to Pay Your iPhone Bill!

Paying your iPhone carrier bill every month can add up quickly! Here at iPhone Life magazine we have decided to eliminate that frustration for two of our lucky readers. We will be giving away up to $324.42 to each winner to cover their iPhone bills for three months.

Here's how the giveaway works: enter your email at the GIVEAWAY PAGE. Earn one additional entry each time you share the giveaway with a friend via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Get 10 more entries every time someone you shared with signs up. There is no limit to the number of additional entries you can get by sharing the giveaway; so if you go all out, your chances of winning will shoot off the charts!

And if a friend you referred wins the Let Us Pay Your Phone Bill prize of $324.42, you'll win $324.42 too!

So don't dilly dally, ENTER NOW and start sharing before the contest ends on May 16!

Love fine print? Read the full giveaway rules HERE!

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Director of Marketing for Mango Life Media Inc. and iPhone Life magazine.