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Gifting Hits the App Store

Your holiday shopping just got a whole lot easier.  The App Store has started to let you gift apps to other people.  Right next to the "Buy App" button, there is a downward pointing triangle. If you click on it, a pop-up appears and "Gift This App" is one of the choices. Clinking on it will bring up a screen where you can fill out who's sending the gift, who's getting the gift and their email address. You can even include a personal message. Developers now have another way to sell their apps. 

This does raise some interesting scenarios, however.  Want to suggest that someone lose some weight...gift them an app for calorie counting.  Tired of someone misspelling words... give them a dictionaryt.  Just about any situation you can think of can be covered. You can make a lot of friends or enemies. 

In reality, the iidea is a win-win for everyone.  More sales for the App Store, more income for developers, and the person getting the gift... well... they get a gift.

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