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Flappy Bird Is Returning To The App Store!

If you somehow managed to miss out on one of the largest App Store sensations this year before it was pulled by its developer, you're in luck. Flappy Bird is set to return to the App Store with some new features that'll make a seemingly overnight success an even bigger deal than it was before.

According to CNBC's Kelly Evans' statement on Twitter:

That's right. Flappy Bird, an addictive game we said you'll love to hate, is coming back this August. Multiplayer support will likely be the biggest change, although there are few details regarding how it will be implemented.

If you're new to Flappy Bird, it's a free game that flapped its way to the top of the App Store and spread through social media sites like wildfire before being pulled by its developer purportedly due to the stress of sudden success getting to him. With everyone talking about Flappy Bird, analysts believed that Dong Nguyen, the game's sole developer, could have been making $50,000 a day from ad revenue alone.

Since the Flappy Bird's sudden departure from the App Store, a number of clones and knock-offs have tried to take it's place. Of course, nothing will be as good as the original. If you didn't have a chance to download your own before it was pulled, the new Flappy Bird should hit the App Store just in time to consume the rest of your summer.

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