Dock Your iPhone Just About Anywhere With The TogoDock

Fuse Chicken, the folks behind the Une Bobine iPhone stand, are at it again with the TogoDock. Having surpassed their $20,000 funding goal on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, it looks like the company's latest product will be available to the masses and it's not too late to make a contribution in order to get your own.

The TogoDock is a pocket-sized dock for any Lightning-enabled iPhones that can be attached to any magnetic surface thanks to embedded magnets within the product. The dock itself features a reel to keep your cord wrapped depending on how far your charging source is and a backstop to support your device. Want do use TogoDock in the car or somewhere else without a magnetic surface? Disc mounts are included for additional mounting options.

A minimum $30 pledge will get you a single TogoDock, which features the following:

  • MFI Certified Lightning Connector: for iPhone 5s, 5c, 5
  • Embedded Magnets: strong enough to hold iPhone as a dock
  • Built-in Backstop: for stability and support
  • Cable Wrap: to keep your cord tidy while on the go
  • Disc Mount: create a mounting surface anywhere. Includes two mounts
  • Car Adapter: includes USB car adapter
  • Standard USB: use it worldwide with any USB charge port
We were impressed with the the company's Une Bobine and have no doubts that the TogoDock will have a place in (or on) anyone's home, workplace, car, or anywhere, really. 
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