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The CaseCrown Omni For iPad Air Offers Full Protection Without The Bulk

There's no shortage of folio-style cases for iPad Air on the market, and with Apple offering their own Smart Case, it's easy to miss all the alternatives available. If Apple's leather cases aren't for you, then CaseCrown has you—and your iPad Air—covered with the Omni ($35).


The Omni comes in four colors: purple, gray, and blue, while a black carbon fiber option is available as the fourth choice. The colored options feature a synthetic micro twill cover, with its inside lined with microfiber. The last variant sports a synthetic carbon fiber look with a rubberized matte finish on both sides of the front cover. The back of each case is a black polycarbonate that protects the back of your iPad Air. Cutouts are available for each of your device's buttons, ports, and microphones.


If you've ever used Apple's Smart Cover, then the Omni will be instantly familiar to you. Closed, the Omni holds itself shut with built-in magnets that also play nicely with Apple's sleep/wake feature. It's four-piece lid folds back easily to be used as a viewing or typing stand, each with a fixed angle.

Moving from the desk, to chair, to bed, or otherwise is easy with the Omni. The case is remarkably thin for offering full body protection of the iPad Air and doesn't add much noticeable weight. The Omni is solid enough if you want to take your iPad out often. I never had any issues with the sleep/wake function or the case not remaining closed.


  • Thin profile, lightweight

  • Full iPad protection

  • Doubles as a stand


  • No button coverage


CaseCrown's Omni for iPad Air isn't the flashiest folio case out there, but it's tough to beat for the price. If you're looking for full body protection without the bulk, the Omni is the perfect fit.

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