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Flipping Tip: Save a Tree - Use PDFs


Whatever happened to the paperless society?

The personal computer was supposed to eliminate the use of paper for such things as assignments and syllabi but we use 50% more paper today than we did in 1980. Each American consumes about six trees per year (The Economist online).

Flipping Tip: Start Carrying Your Books Around!


Just remember to carry them in your iBooks library.


Flipping Tip: Know Your Students


Flipping Tip: Know Your Students

I admit it.

I'm terrible at remembering names even though they are essential in our work.

Flipping Tip: Use Podcasts to Manage Absences


Use podcasts to manage absences.

There are valid reasons for absenteeism. I know because I missed most of my freshman year at Benton Harbor High School due to a severe illness. I worked hard to keep up but I was studying on my own.

Flipping Tip: Catch students doing something right!



Catch a student doing something right today!

Motivation is a key factor and you can make a huge impact on it by catching a student doing something right and praising them for it. Now let's take it one small step further.

Why not use your iPhone and iMovie to capture your praise and his/her pride in a job well done. A short videoclip is all you need. 

Let's say a child has done a nice job on a painting. When you post it on the wall have your student stand beside it and videotape their expression as you offer a few words of praise.

NBC Politics Informs


"The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives." ~ Robert Maynard Hutchings

The quality of a democracy depends on an informed citizenry. I'm sure someone more significant than I said that but I'm saying it now. And having said it I'll add news media as the primary means of informing the people of national and world events. It is therefore imperative for students to become wise consumers of the news. NBC recognizes this and responds by offering a host of free new apps for mobiles devices.

edmodo mobile


Edmodo mobile puts a secure social network for teachers and students on your iPhone!

Edmodo is not an open social networking site where kids hang out and meet strangers. No.

Its a social networking site where they go to connect with their teachers and classmates. Its a place where they study, watch educational videos, and work on their assignments under the care of their teachers.

This is the kind of social network you want them to belong to!

Quipper Quiz


Better than flashcards!

I discovered this app in the Mobile Learning group on Facebook early this morning and had to give it a try.

My early morning is around 4am.

Mobile Learning MOOC Update!


Ready for a new school year?

It's that time again!

TuneIn Radio is a Hit!


Radio is Alive & Well!


I love listening to the radio while I'm bicycling, walking, mowing, or just relaxing in the backyard but finding a small portable radio you can carry in a pocket is a challenge.

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