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Wicked Audio's Evacs: Stunning Sound in a Surprisingly Affordable Package.

If you are looking for a great deal on a quality pair of high performance, bass-pumping on-ear headphones, look no further than Wicked Audio’s Evac available at Amazon for as low as $20.00. These headphones are extremely affordable and deliver surprisingly clear and crisp sound. In fact for the price, the Evacs are hard to beat!

Wicked Audio has an extensive line of audio accessories, but none have captured my heart more than their Evac model. Combining comfort with high-fidelity, bass-enhanced sound, the Evacs are a perfect on-the-go pair of headphones that are lightweight and portable with an awesome sound.

The Evacs feature an ergonomic design and in-line controls and mic for those times when you have to take a call or find yourself in the heat of battle in one of the iOS games that support in-game voice chat, like Metalstorm, NOVA 3 or Shadowgun: DeadZone, to name a few.

I was really impressed with the Evacs' sound quality. With their powerful drivers, these headphones offer a level of acoustic precision I would typically expect only to find in a pair of headphones costing at least three or four times as much. When I was putting the headphones to the test I experimented with a wide range of musical genres, including hip hop, classical, Celtic, and rock. What I found was that the Evacs have a strong, yet balanced sound that captured the full range of whatever music I was listening to with little to no distortion, even at high volume, and amazingly sharp definition of the sound spectrum. The bass boomed, and was definitely very powerful, but not overly emphasized (a common complaint about some of the pricier, bass-heavy brands out there, like the infamous Beats by Dre), while the mid-range and high notes were crystal clear and accurately rendered.

The Evacs are perfect for a primary pair of headphones, or as a backup, on-the-go pair that you can throw in your pack when it's time to hit the road. These headphones would also be spot-on for the kids this holiday season, with their durable design and budget-minded price.



  • Powerful and impressive sound.
  • A price that makes the Evacs hard to resist and one the highest quality that you'll find for such a bargain.
  • Tangle-free, fabric wrapped, durable cable.
  • Compact, fold-up design for maximum portability.
  • Extremely cushy and comfortable, especially considering that the Evacs are On-Ear headphones.
  • In-line mic and playback control for your convenience.



  • The only thing that would make the Evac line of headphones better would be if Wicked made an over-ear model for anyone who may not care for headphones clamping down on their ears.



**** (4 out of 5 Stars)

These headphones rock, packing a massive sound into a tiny and very comfy form, and for the price the Evacs are nearly impossible to beat!

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