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New iPad mini rumors and preparations.
I've been consistently saying for years now, that it was without a doubt, only a relatively short matter of time until Apple released a smaller version of the iPad tablet. Well, it seems as if that day may finally be right around the corner. Multiple reliable sources, including the Washington Post and Bloomberg, (among others) are reporting this week, that the rumors of the iPad mini are not just rumors. The new iPad mini will likely be released by the end of this year, possibly as early as September. In fact, it sounds like Apple has its product manufactures busy, in full swing producing parts for this new iPad mini, preparing for a massive product launch very soon. Not only will the iPad mini be a direct competitor to the Amazon Kindle and Google Nexus, but it will fill a niche that needs to be addressed, since many of us, as much as we do love our iPads, would love a smaller, lighter, more compact, more portable version of the same thing as much, or more!



KaBoom! Yet Another iPhone explodes.
Once was enough, twice was too much. Now reports, and video have come in of yet a third iPhone exploding! This most recent instance happened in Finland, to a young man 17 years old, as he carried the unanticipated explosive device in his pocket! Last year two other iPhones exploded, within a week of each other no less, and one of those incidents happend on an airline in Australia! Talk about a "flight risk"! Apple hasn't commented on this yet, and whether they ever do or not, I sure hope they are addressing this issue internally over there at Cupertino HQ! This is a serious and potentially deadly issue. We've all experienced our iDevices heating up, but would we be such loyal fans if we thought  carrying our iPhones around with us came at the cost of possibly having a mini-bomb detonate in our pants? 
Look out! Apple released bad app updates.
The issue seems to have largely been resolved, but for what seems to have been an approximately 48 hour window, Apple was pushing out updated apps that contained corrupted data that resulted in apps crashing and being unusable. While the problem seems to have been contained and the app updates being released now, seem to be functioning and operating just fine, problems still persist for many popular apps that were initiallyaffected, including the apps Instapaper and Good Reader. This isn't good news for a few reasons: for one it's another blow to Apple's reputation of publishing quality-inspected apps. For another, it affects the app's reputation and reviews, which play such an instrumental part in an app's sales. Additionally, no explanation has been given from Apple as of yet, which leaves the developers and customers alike, in the dark as to the root of the problem. For more on this situation click here, and for a list of some of the top, most popular apps affected by this mini-crisis, click here.
If you've downloaded a corrupt app, the easiest solution for now, seems to be to uninstall the corrupted app and then reinstall the corrected version of the updated app. If you are an app developer, or even a consumer looking to download the latest update, it's been advised to wait a few days until this bruhaha is all ironed out.
That's it for this week. Check back next week for my Weekly Recap here on iPhone Life, for all the latest, breaking news in the world of Apple and the iOS environment.
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