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Urban accessories meet old world charm in Portenzo’s iDevice cases.


If you were not already familiar with the Alano family of deluxe leather cases by Portenzo, I’d describe them as a great combination of rustic, old world charm and a modern-classic appearance. These high-quality leather iDevice cases are absolutely exquisite and bring an earthy, organic feel to our all metal and glass iPads. The simplicity and practical functionality of the Portenzo cases will suit many an iPad and iPhone user perfectly. Anyone who appreciates a little old world, country flavor with their iDevices, will certainly appreciate these cases.


The Alano cases for the iPad and iPhone remind me of magical leather bound books, the likes of which you might see in Victorian, early Western or Medieval times, straight out of King’s Landing. Urban gypsies, modern cowboys and renaissance classicists (anyone out there a Hobbit fan?) will all feel comforted and at ease with their high-tech devices elegantly ensconced within a Portenzo iDevice "book" case.


The Portenzo Alano cases are constructed of all natural materials; beautiful, stiff but supple leather, some with wood shells in which your iPhone nests snugly. You can choose from a range of colors and styles, some of which boldly display the Portenzo name and other that are more subtle. Whatever your particular flavor these cases will speak to you. I haven't on my iPhone 5, the kind with the wooden frame, and I love it! It feels like natural leather feels, which is haunting and thrilling all rolled into a touch. And the look of it appeals both to my classical sensibilities, as well as to the side of me, which is very much the outdoorsman, who can appreciate the intrinsic quality, and durability wood and leather provide in an accessory like this.



The Alano leather cases from Portenzo are available here, with prices for iDevices cases starting as low as $45.00.

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