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UPDATED! Infinity Blade II: Vault Of Tears

 Vault Of TearsIt was just last week that I was sharing with you, news of the impending release of the latest chapter in the Infinity Blade series, Infinity Blade: Dungeons. Well, things are looking pretty exciting these days in the Infinity Blade universe. As if the soon-to-be-released Dungeons weren't enough, we now have a massive, all-new update for Infinity Blade II that's just become available!

If you consider yourself a fan of the award-winning and critically acclaimed iOS game franchise, you will definitely want to hurry on over to the App Store to download this free update to Infinity Blade II, titled "Vault Of Tears". This is Epic Games' latest, and largest update (weighing in at just over 1GB) so far to the Infinity Blade storyline.


 Vault Of Tears


Features of this update include:

*Delving further into the mysterious past of Siris, as new areas are unlocked and major secrets are revealed.


*Jump into battle and defeat new enemies! Featuring the Moss Golem, Lupun, Dark Fiend, Bog Giant, Acolyte, and more.

*‘X’ marks the spot! Find your hidden ally and discover secret items and rewards with the all-new Treasure Map feature.

*More than 50 new items, including magic rings, weapons, shields, helmets, as well as armor to collect, master, and sell.

*Additional surprises await you with new Achievements, unique gems to forge, ClashMob updates, more!


 Vault Of Tears


If you haven't already added this stellar game to your collection, now is a great time to do it, as it is on sale for a limited time, for only $3.00 in the App Store. This game is a "must-have" for any iOS gamer, and amazingly, it keeps on getting better and better with each update! In fact, Epic Games has already released a teaser, stating that yet another update for Infinity Blade II will be released shortly!


Don't hesitate to get this game now, at a sale price, if you haven't gotten it already, and if you have, suit up and slash your way into new adventures!


 Vault Of Tears

Let us know what you think in the comments below, and as always, thank you for reading.

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