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Top 2 iPad Cases with Organic & Natural Feel

I love nothing more than iDevice products constructed of natural and organic materials. The feel and durability of accessories made from natural materials is comforting to the touch and a welcome modification to our otherwise cold, hard, metal and glass iDevices. So if you're looking to add an element of natural elegance to your iPad, I have a couple of great products to share with you. 

1. Pocomaru Pocowool iPad Case ($45.00)

 Organic and Natural iPad Cases

Pocowool iPad cases are made from pure wool with natural leather accents. Pocomaru's earthy and organic feeling iPad cases are the perfect accessory for anyone who loves the feel of natural material goods.The iPad case transforms the iPad from something that feels cold and hard into a device you might almost want to cuddle with, though using your iPad as a pillow is not advised. With the Pocomaru iPad case we see a minimalistic design approach used to create a great case with quality craftsmanship and the comfortable feel of natural wool.

 Organic and Natural iPad Cases Organic and Natural iPad Cases

The Pocomaru iPad case couldn't be easier to use: your iPad simply slips in and out of a leather holding slot situated on the iPad's long side, and once your iPad is in the folio-style case you can set it up in any number of poses depending on how you bend the flexible cover.

The Pocomaru iPad case is available in a wide range of colors and for average, day to day use this durable folio case will do a wonderful job of providing basic protection for your iPad and keeping it scratch and dent free.

 Organic and Natural iPad Cases

The Snugg iPad mini case is an excellent solution for anyone looking for a great leather case. Suitable for both formal and casual use, the Snugg encases your precious iPad mini like a snug and protective leather folio should.

Truly, it is a pleasure to hold your iPad mini when it’s in its Snugg case, with its supple leather and convenient leather-and-elastic hand strap built into the inside of the attached smart cover. The iPad mini case also includes a handy storage loop for a stylus that you can conveniently tucke out of the way when not in use.

In addition to having magnets embedded in it, to put your iPad to sleep when you close the cover, or wake it when you open it, the cover is also designed to fold and “clip” into a small leather flap on the backside of the iPad, allowing for use in both landscape and portrait orientation. 

The Snugg iPad mini case comes in a wide range of classy colors and is available at a really great price, especially considering its materials. Now you can dress your iPad mini with protective style and flair with the Snugg iPad Mini case.

 Organic and Natural iPad Cases Organic and Natural iPad Cases


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