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Summer Travel Series: Great Gear And Apps For The Season!


 Oh, Ranger! Park FinderGreetings my fellow travelers and adventures and welcome once again to my Summer Travel special series here at iPhone Life. In this installment I'd like to share with you one of my favorite apps for on the road and on the go adventures.


Oh, Ranger! Park Finder is a fantastic free app that will report back to you with information on a wide assortment of parks, including, national, state, federal and local park options. You can easily search for parks in your area, utilizing your iPhone's built-in location services, or you can enter specific locations by city and state or by zip code. Oh, Ranger! also provides you with easy ways to fine tune your search criteria, by selecting any number of activity options that you might be looking for in a park; including cycling, fishing, hiking, climbing, hunting, RV-ing, bird watching, skiing, ATV-ing, tent camping and swimming, to name but a few of the search criteria refinements you can customize within Oh, Ranger!


 Oh, Ranger! Park Finder


This free app is great for anyone road-tripping or traveling in parts of this country in which they might be unfamiliar. I especially appreciate the ability this app has of selecting parks in any given area based on whatever specific activities you and your family and friends might be looking for. This comes in handy if you have something that you absolutely want to do while in the neighborhood of Yellowstone Park for instance, or if you've got multiple people with multiple interests on board with the adventure, who will want to pursue different activities once you arrive at your park destination.


 Oh, Ranger! Park Finder      Oh, Ranger! Park Finder


Oh, Ranger! is a simple app, that's easy to use and one that can open up a wide range of possibilities and previously unknown potential in the area of your current location or the location you may be heading.


I hope you find yourself in great summertime situations where you get to put this app to good use! Now get on out there and enjoy some nature and time spent vacationing with family and friends discovering new places, new faces and new adventures!


As always, thank you for reading.

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