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Summer Travel Series: Great Gear And Apps For The Season!


 Verbatim Wireless KeyboardGreetings fellow travelers and adventurers, and welcome to my special summer travel series! To go along with iPhone Life's upcoming special Summer Travel digital issue, I'll be doing a special summer column featuring some of the best gear, gadgets and apps that can help make your summer adventures even more convenient, enjoyable and memorable.


First up in the series, I'd like to introduce you to a relatively new product on the market: the Verbatim Mobile Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard. 


When we set off on our travels this summer, space is usually a limited commodity, and we find ourselves having to selectively pick and choose which tech items we can bring with us. While the ammount of available travel space varies from person to person, this foldable keyboard shouldn't be too cumbersome for even the most minimalistic of tech-minded iTrekkers.


 Verbatim Wireless Keyboard


Powered by two AAA batteries, (which should provide up to 80 hours of continuous operation), this handy little gadget works wonderfully with your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It even has a mini-stand that slides into a top slot in this full-sized keyboard, barely larger than a credit card, but which expands (Inspector Gadget style) to transform into a convenient stand for the iPhone or iPod.


 Verbatim Wireless Keyboard


It's keyboard features all the basics, plus extras that are geared specifically towards our iDevices as special “Function +” commands. When folded up this great travel accessory is approximately 6.5" x 4" and about 3/4" thick. The Verbatim Bluetooth Keyboard also comes with an elegant leather pocket in which to store the keyboard and keep it safe.

 Verbatim Wireless Keyboard


Whether you are going backpacking or hiking and want the convenience of blogging about your journeys on a comfortable full-sized keyboard, or whether you are road-tripping or jet setting, this keyboard travels well and without needing much space. This keyboard also gives your fingers and eyes a break from having to deal with typing on the handy, but at times, painfully small screen of the iPhone/iPod. In fact, even when considering the bigger iPad screen, studies still suggest that with a physical keyboard a touch typist can type almost twice as fast!


 Verbatim Wireless Keyboard


I've put this keyboard to good use on my travels and it's held up well under fire as they say! If you are looking for a way to conveniently carry an external keyboard for your iDevice, (whether on long travels or just day to day jaunts to the library or internet cafe) without sacrficing space, this might be just what you were looking for. This pocket size keyboard is a perect companion for most any iTraveller.


Thank you for reading.


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