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The Stratus Game Controller Debuts in Apple Store, 20% Off

It was just last week that I wrote a review of the Stratus MFi Bluetooth game controller. This game controller is one of three on the market at this time, and in my opinion it's the best of them. Now I've got some great news for anyone who either just purchased one, or was about to.

For starters, Steel Series’ Stratus is now officially available for purchase. You can find it in Apple's brick and mortar stores, as well as in the *Apple Store online. You can also purchase it from the SteelSeries website, though it might take a little longer (up to 30 days) to get to you. But wait, it gets better! In a surprise move, SteelSeries has also dropped the price significantly, from $99.99 to $79.99. Now the Stratus is not only my favorite iOS game controller in terms of design, function, and performance, it's the least expensive too! All of these elements combine to make the Stratus hard to resist—it's the complete package.

And for those of you who made an early purchase of the Stratus, SteelSeries is offering to reimburse you the extra money you spent. Now that's what I call quality customer service and good business practice.

SteelSeries has demonstrated to me that they really do listen to their gaming clientele. They've created an excellent product and the number of games that support its use is growing weekly. This company has experience designing high quality, gaming-specific gear and I really look forward to what the future holds for them as more and more app developers build support for third-party MFi controllers into their apps.



*Editor's note: The cost of the Stratus was only recently reduced from $99.99 to it's current price of $79.99 and the Apple Store online has yet to reflect this change in price. SteelSeries representatives assure me that the Apple Store will reflect the new price by the beginning of the coming week.

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