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[Review] Guess Your Songs: Could This Be The Next Rockstar Of Social Gaming?


Guess Your SongsCould this new game, Guess Your Songs, be the next social gaming phenomena? It's hard to predict the course of evolution of a new social game, or what will trigger a game's accelerated rise to stardom, but if the success pattern of such hit social games like Draw Something, Words With Friend and Scramble are any indication, then Guess Your Songs sits in a prime position to become a HUGE hit!


Already being met with high praise and critical acclaim, Guess Your Songs is the new game that takes the genre of song-guessing games and makes it deeply social and interactive. If you think you'd like a game that will test your knowledge of music, this is the one. Likewise, if you think you know your own music library pretty well, guess again! This game will have you puzzling over songs you've heard 100 times, especially when you get into the harder difficulty levels!


Some of the many cool features of Guess Your Songs include: the ability to challenge Facebook friends, community play-offs, as well as genre-based music quizzes. Playing against your own library can be challenging enough, much less against the libraries of friends or the community, to say the least about the vast library of songs you are tested with when playing the genre categories. This game is a GREAT way to test your knowledge of music while also discovering all sorts of new songs and artist!



Another awesome thing about Guess Your Songs is its iTunes integration. If you discover a song you like, purchasing that song is as simple as clicking the on-screen iTunes link. And believe me, this game will turn you on to all kinds of songs you've never heard of, or even knew existed. Guess Your Songs is a free app and a very worthwhile download, especially now, with summer fun, and road trip adventures just on the horizon!


If you already have this game or are about to go out and get it, please let us know what you think in the comments section below!


As always, thank you for reading!


Guess Your Songs

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