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Nielsen Unveils Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2012


Neilsen ratings are highly respected as an extremely accurate gauge of specific consumer interests, and this week they shared their data revealing the top 10 iOS apps of 2012.
Nielsen released its official lists of "Tops of 2012" statistics in the field of digital/online media, which included among other things, the top iOS apps of the year 2012. The study took place form Q1 of 2012 through Q3 of 2012. The Nielsen study also revealed that for the first time, smartphones users took over the top spot of mobile phone use, coming in at 56% by the end of Q3.
The statistics Nielsen’s presents come from their Smartphone Panel, which utilizes built-in, on-device meters designed to track mobile web and app activity. According to Nielsen, four of the top ten apps were (at the time) stock iOS apps, with Facebook constituting three of the other top ten positions. The fact that no official Google apps made the top 10 is only because the majority of the survey was based on a period of time when Google powered apps (Maps and YouTube) were still being bundled with the on-board operating system and considered stock apps.
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