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New Video Shows iOS Performing on a Larger, 4.7-inch Screen

Here's an interesting little video. Posted by tech reporter Dom Esposito, it shows iOS running on a 4.7-inch screen and gives us a pretty good idea what our operating system will look like on a larger sized phone's display, like the one the new iPhone is expected to have.

The release of the new iPhone(s) is imminent, and as the introduction draws nearer, the internet is once again being flooded with concept designs of what the new iDevice might look like. One of the most interesting renderings I've seen in a while is in this video by reporter Dom Esposito. In this short video Esposito shows us a side-by-side comparison of iOS running on the current iPhone 5 size screen alongside iOS running on a mocked up, 4.7-inch Moto X screen.

This to me, is one of the more useful videos as it doesn't just show two handsets sitting idle, but rather it demonstrates exactly what we can expect when we actually interact with the iPhone's operating system. If you can't see the embedded video above, click HERE.

I'm looking forward to the new iPhones, which are still rumored to become available i n two larger sizes, one with about a 4.7-inche display and the other with about a 5.5-inch display. Now what I'd really like to see is the merging of iPhone and iPad iOS. I am a believer that we are heading towards a time when all apps will eventually be universal apps, in other words, the same app will work as appropriate depending on the size of the display of the device it is on, as opposed to certain apps being designed differently for iPad vs iPhone. Call it wishful thinking, but I feel that at least for these forthcoming, larger iPhone screen sizes, we should be able to run iPad apps on them, and have access to the potential spilt-screen performance that iOS 8 is rumored to be bringing, wouldn't you agree?


Images courtesy of nowhereelse.fr and 9to5Mac.com.

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