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Joy Factory's aXtion Go iPhone Case: Stylish Protection at a Bargain Price

 Joy Factory Axtion Go

The Joy Factory's aXtion Go ($49.95) is the best deal on an IPX5 rated, military-standard iPhone case market I'm currently aware of. Not only will it provide an exceptional level of protection from drops, liquids, dirt, and compression, the aXtion Go just looks super awesome! It sports one of the slickest designs I've seen in a waterproof iPhone case. Its back consists of a series of highly shock absorbing, diamond-shaped, air-filled cushions, which resemble fancy, geometric bubble wrap. It looks cool and feels even cooler. I found myself continually kneading the diamond bubbles on the back, mesmerized by their soft yet firm squishiness.

 Joy Factory Axtion Go

The overall design of the aXtion Go is unique, not just because of the one-of-a-kind shock-absorbing bubbles on the back. The aXtion Go has a slight hourglass style to it, with side and top edges that sweep gently outward to rounded corners. It has an almost sensual feel to it!

 Joy Factory Axtion Go

All of the iPhone’s controls are accessible in this full-time use case, and the headphone and charging ports are covered with a snug silicone plug and a swing latch respectively. The aXtion Go also has really good audio quality! Many waterproof cases greatly diminish the sound clarity of the iPhone, but not the aXtion Go, phone calls and music sound remarkably crisp and clear with the iPhone encased.

 Joy Factory Axtion Go

Of all the ruggedized, waterproof iPhone cases I've had the pleasure of evaluating lately, the aXtion Go is not only one of the most affordable options, it is also a unique and stylish entry in an increasingly crowded field of heavy-duty, protective cases. When it comes to rugged gear, I don't give out stars lightly, but for the money, the quality, and the protection, the aXtion Go gets a hearty 4.5 out of 5 Star rating.



    Joy Factory Axtion Go    


* Best price for a waterproof case of this caliber;

* IPX5 Rating means  this case will protect your iPhone 5 even if it gets fully submerged;

* Comes with a convenient wrist strap which attaches to an unobtrusive lanyard point on the bottom corner of the case;

* Unique design turns shock absorbing heavy-duty bubble wrap into the epitome of fashion and style.



* The thin swing latch over charging port seems like a weak point to the design. I'd treat the latch with care, as is true for many other waterproof cases;

* The external mute switch on the aXtion is hard to articulate, and in my experience was harder to use than what I would consider ideal.

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